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Our People

Nasir Hafezi LLB MA

Nasir Hafezi is a Legal Trainer, Ethics Consultant and qualified Solicitor

Legal Trainer

Nasir delivers legal training to Teachers, Social Workers Foster Carers, Students, Solicitors and Community Groups.

He has a passion for the public to know their legal rights and responsibilities and for public servants to know their legal powers and duties.

Prior to working as a Solicitor, Nasir worked as a Lecturer in Law.

Nasir is the Founder of Community Legal Education.

Independent Ethics Consultant

Since 2015 as an Ethics Consultant Nasir has provided advice on important and sensitive ethical issues faced by Greater Manchester Police and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority on subjects as diverse as Human Tissue Retention, Whistleblowing, Body Worn Videos and young people in custody.

Nasir has engaged with individuals from particular backgrounds who have felt they have been unjustly targeted by police. He has used his experience with faith groups to advise police and develop constructive dialogue between the police service and minority groups.


As a Criminal Defence Solicitor Nasir has a substantial experience representing professional clients working in the fields of accountancy, teaching, dentistry, banking and social and community work; including faith leaders and campaigners.

To date, he has been instructed in cases of terrorism, murder, serious sexual offences, complex fraud and money laundering, drugs offences, road traffic offences and serious public order offences.

Many of his more high profile cases have attracted the attention of both national and international media.

Nasir is an accredited police station advisor and a member of the duty scheme in Manchester. He also advocates in the Magistrates’ Court nationally.

Our contributors

  • I Abbas
  • M Hafezi
  • Dr Usman Choudry – GP
  • Yusuf Dar – Community Safety Forum
  • Abdul Huy Malek – Funeral Consultant
  • Faraq Malik – Funeral Director
  • Fatma Patel – Social Worker
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